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    • July 20 - July 24
      From 6:00p.m.-8:30p.m.each night. This year’s theme is SON SPARK LABS. At the amazing SonSpark Labs , children will explore God’s life-changing plan as they find out the answers to life’s most important questions. They will discover that God loves them and that through Jesus they can be members of God’s family and personally experience God’s plan for each of us— GP4U=J!
  • Welcome to St. Bartholomew
    Catholic Church!

    Our MissionStatement:
    To focus on Jesus in all things, discern His will and obey by His grace. 
    Misión Parroquial:
    Jesús, centro en todas las cosas, discenir Su volundad y obedecer por Su gracia. 



    We are located in Fort Worth, south of I-20 and west of I-35:
    CLICK HERE for directions from Google

  •                                           Faith Direct enables parishioners to make your Church contributions through either direct debit from your checking/savings account or through your credit/debit card. Click this tab to enroll. Our Parish Code is TX653

  • with Fr. John Robert Skeldonwith Fr. John Robert Skeldon